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Why I Give

There is nothing more compelling than donors sharing their own stories. Through Endowment Book of Life* messages, our donors have graciously shared their personal thoughts and feelings about tikkun olam and how their commitments to the Federation and the Jewish community are an important part of their Jewish legacies. Click below to listen as they express their feelings about being Legacy Society members.

Endowment Book of Life Statements

*The Federation's Endowment Book of Life was created to recognize donors who have made commitments of $100,000 or more to the Federation's Endowment Fund, either now or through their estate plan.


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Erika B. Rudin-Luria 216-593-2867 erudin-luria@jcfcleve.org
Rachel Lappen 216-593-2841 rlappen@jcfcleve.org
Carol Wolf 216-593-2805 cwolf@jcfcleve.org
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Jennifer Schwarz 216-593-2816 jschwarz@jcfcleve.org

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